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We adhere to culture - based, design - based roots
New Upgrade of Chunsen Stone Sculptur

New:Wall thickness is not easy to deformation, high strength is not easily broken, surface paper for heat transfer printing is not easy to fall off, waterproof and moistureproof, no odor cleaning convenient.

Old:The wall is thin and easy to be deformed, the strength is not high and easy to be broken, the surface paper for the straight stick way is easy to fall off, not waterproof and moistureproof, have peculiar smell, not easy to clean.

Quality assurance

Professional technology to build technology stone plastic lines, quality certification, quality assurance.
The texture is clear, the pixel point is extremely close, even if looked closely also does not have the fuzzy feeling, the texture stereo feeling is extremely strong.

Waterproof and moisture-proo

After the upgrade of the new product, the moisture-proof function of the material has been added, and the old house in the home can be used directly, waterproof and moisture-proof, with visible quality.

Design Simple Atmosphere

Exquisite design, suitable for modern urban simple atmosphere decoration style, the overall stone model imitation marble lines and lines natural, durable, and has a sense of cultural taste and modern expression.

Safe Flame Retardant

Science and technology fire retardant. Flame retardant level up to 94-V0 international standard, belongs to the very difficult to burn materials, meet the fire standards. The abrasion resistance test results show that there is no damage point on the surface up to 6000 RPM, and there is no obvious trace on the surface after contact with other objects, and the scratch resistance and abrasion resistance meet the industry leading standards.

Many kinds, you can choose!

The use range of stone plastic lines is other materials can not be compared, whether the hotel, KTV decoration, home decoration can see the figure of imitation stone, in some luxury buildings, there are stone plastic lines, many types, can be customized.

No formaldehyde, protect the next generation healthy growth

New upgrade stone plastic line, no odor, zero formaldehyde. Every child is an angel, I want to do my best to give them a healthy living space, to protect their happy growth!

Sales service

Professional staff, timely response, quality + service + efficiency, one-stop whole service; The price depends on the spectrum, said to do, good faith cooperation is guaranteed!

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